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Jan 9, 2018

"No, there atcually *are* some kickass saxaphones in video game music," Drew said, responding to no one. Yes, this is an unabashed appreciation of saxophones and their digital reproductions as they've been used in video games, all because I wanted to include Edea's theme from Bravely Default in an episode and ended up building other sax-tastic tracks around it. I have tracks from Mario Kart 8, ToeJam & Earl, Street Fighter 3, Undertale and Bayonetta and more. Bonus? I avoided making an "aural sax" pun. You're welcome. Track listing: 0:10 Title Theme / John Baker / ToeJam & Earl: Panic on Funkotron 3:47 Baby Bird / Revo / Bravely Default 5:38 One Night on Neo Kobe City / Konami Kukeiha Club / Snatcher 9:15 Love Is Not Enough (Ai ga tari nai ze) / composed by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, arranged by Kuzo Koshiro / Project X Zone 12:35 Big Blue / composed by Yumiko Kanki and Naoto Ishida, arranged by Kenta Nagata / Mario Kart 8 16:02 Death by Glamour / Toby Fox / Undertale 20:39 Jazzy NYC (NY House Mix) / Hideki Okugawa and Yuki Iwai / Street Fighter 3: Second Impact 24:11 Staff Credits (Stickerbush Symphony) / David Wise / Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 29:58 Title Theme (Extended) / Lex Horton / Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 34:40 Magypsy Party / Shogo Sakai / Mother 3 37:36 The Fragrance of Dark-Colored Coffee / Noriyuke Iwadare / Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Trials and Tribulations 39:44 Underground / Riyou Kinugasa Takuya Kobayashi Hiromi Mizutani / Deadly Premonition 44:21 An Die Freude / Shoji Meguro / Catherine 47:53 Jazzy Sabotage / Katsuhiko Suzuki and Norio Hanzaw / Guardian Heroes 49:39 "Toki" Meki Saxophone / Katsuhiko Suzuki and Norio Hanzaw / Guardian Heroes 51:29 Arashi no Saxophone / Papaya / King of Fighters '95 52:15 Arashi no Saxophone 5 / Tetsuhiro Ogawa, Iku Mizutani, Toshihiko Hiraguchi, Tomonao Niiya, Makoto Suehiro and Tasuku Mizutani / King of Fighters XIII 56:07 バトル~HEROES / Kenji Ito / Imperial SaGa 57:48 Theme of Eiji / Battle Arena Toshinden 2 / Yasuhiro Nakano 60:30 Staff Roll / Mega Man 8 / Shusaku Uchiyama 65:15 Theme of Poison / Hideyuki Fukasawa / Ultra Street Fighter IV 68:06 Compression of Time / Nobuo Uematsu / Final Fantasy VIII 69:25 Let's Dance, Boys / Hiroshi Yamaguchi / Bayonetta Follow Drew on Twitter: Follow this podcast on Facebook: On iTunes: On Google Play: