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Sep 15, 2020

Singing Mountain is back. I said it would be back and I meant it. And to contrast this new run of the show from what I left you all on months ago, I decided to put out something a little more hopeful. Do you know that particular kind of video game ending where you see your character cruising toward the horizon, bad guys vanquished in their wake, and there’s maybe a sunset or something, and the music sounds like the end of an 80s movie? Yeah, this episode is all about that. Track listing: 0:09: Sunset of Puyo Puyo / Puyo Puyo (Mega Drive) / Masanobu Tsukamoto, Akiyoshi Nagao, Toshiaki Sakoda and Masaaki Harada 5:24: Credit Roll / Space Harrier II (Genesis) / Tokuhiko Uwabo and Matt Furniss 7:52: Setting Out (Staff Roll) / Elemental Master (Genesis) / Toshiharu Yamanishi 11:44: Ending / Dino Land (Genesis) / Ichiro Hada 16:55: Several Years After / Dyna Bros 2 (Mega Drive) / Masami Yitsuse 20:16: Sun Rise Purple / Battle Mania: Daiginjō (Mega Drive) / Shigenori Masuko, Yoko Suzuki and Fumito Tamayama 23:45: End Title / Tenshi no Uta: Shiroki Tsubasa no Inori (Super Famicom) / Motoi Sakuraba and Shinji Tamura 27:01: Credit Roll / Dungeon Explorer (TurboGrafx-16) / Tsukasa Masuko 30:02: Ending (Next Time) / Shockman (TurboGrafx-16) / K. Hayama 32:20: Staff Roll / Cyber Knight (PC Engine) / Unknown Composer 36:12: Ending / Magical Chase (TurboGrafx-16) Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata 39:13: Return to Mother / Axelay (Super NES) / Taei Kudo 41:53: After the War (Ending) / Final Zone (Genesis) / Motoi Sakuraba and Masaaki Uno 46:03: BGM 3 / True Golf Classics: Pebble Beach Golf Links (Genesis) / Yumi Kinoshita 48:50: Ending / Mighty Max (Genesis) / Krisalis (a.k.a. Matt Furniss) 52:12: Returned Soldier’s Rest / Super Star Soldier (TurboGrafx-16) / Dr. Nakahashi and Mr. Hoshi 54:44: Ending Theme / Shadow Blasters (Genesis) / Kim Songdong 56:32: Donkey Kong Rescued (Credits Roll) / Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong-Quest (Super NES) / David Wise 58:39: Finale / Wild Guns (Super NES) / Hiroyuki Iwatsuki and Haruo Ohashi Support Singing Mountain on Patreon: Drew on Twitter: Singing Mountain on Twitter: On Facebook: On iTunes: On Spotify: On Google Play: On Instagram: On YouTube: Official website: TableCakes Productions: