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Feb 27, 2019

The third installment of Singing Mountain’s look at how VGM interacts with mainstream music focuses on the Elec Man theme from the first Mega Man game. It sounds a lot like a track by Journey, but also like likes from REM, Cheap Trick, Bon Jovi, Human League and more. What’s going on here? I talk to some songwriters about why this one melody might seem to be a 1980s mainstay. Listen to all the installments of Singing Mountain’s VGM+POP series: This episode's page, with notes, sources and that weird Journey album art that looks curiously like Mega Man: The robots episode of Super Marcato Bros.: The GTV episode about the Elec Man theme: Karl Brueggemann on Twitter: Analise Nelson on Twitter: Nick Loiacano on Twitter: Cover art designed by Jude Buffum, pixel artist extraordinaire: Track listing: 0:11: Bomb Man / Mega Man / Manami Matsumae 1:50: Cut Man / Mega Man / Manami Matsumae 4:02: Elec Man / Mega Man / Manami Matsumae 6:11: Faithfully / Journey 7:10: Fire Man / Mega Man / Manami Matsumae 8:28: Guts Man / Mega Man / Manami Matsumae 9:55: All the Right Friends / REM 11:15: Way of the World / Cheap Trick 11:53: Marianne / Human League 12:21: Change / John Waite 12:42: She Don’t Know Me / Bon Jovi 13:14: On the Edge / AWOL 13:58: Back to ’80s / High NRG Man featuring Domino 14:23: Never Surrender / Giant 14:49: Follow Your Heart / Sunstorm 15:15: Every Priase / Hezekiah Walker 15:44: M.A.S.K. Theme / Shuki Levy 16:18: Steal My Girl / One Direction 17:03: Select Screen / Mega Man / Manami Matsumae 17:35: Runaway / Bon Jovi 17:54: Ice Man / Mega Man / Manami Matsumae 19:38: Main Theme / Space Harrier / Hiroshi Kawaguchi 21:27: Wily Fortress 1 / Mega Man / Manami Matsumae 24:01: Wily Fortress 2 / Mega Man / Manami Matsumae 26:34: Ending Theme / Mega Man / Manami Matsumae 29:39: Elec Man / Mega Man: Powered Up / composed by Manami Matsumae but arranged by Toshihiko Horiyama View all show notes and cited sources here: Drew on Twitter: Singing Mountain on Twitter: On Facebook: On iTunes: On Spotify: On Google Play: On Instagram: On SoundCloud: @singingmountain On YouTube: Official website: Patreon: TableCakes Productions: